There actually is one single person responsible for Avatar’s Papyrus-esque logo: Peter Stougaard. The former senior vice president of creative advertising for 20th Century Fox willingly takes credit for selecting and tweaking the movie’s much-maligned font, but he doesn’t mince words. “I didn’t aimlessly pick Papyrus,” he insists. “I chose it very strategically.”

Fun conversation with Jake Kring-Schreifels, author and writer for The Ringer. He actually pulled together the entire backstory for the making of Saturday Night Live’s Papyrus sketch from 2017. With the release of Avatar: The Way of Water, it’s back.

Thoughts from the designer of the original Avatar logo; the evolution of a comic’s stand-up material to a script that made the SNL shortlist; Ryan Gosling’s personal contributions; the designer of the new Avatar font; John Cameron’s influence, and my humble musings… they’re all here.

Papyrus lovers and haters… enjoy.

Image ©NBC/Ringer

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