“Chris, I am delighted it has worked out for you to do some work for Galison Books! The artwork is beautiful. I know it will translate well to a holiday card for our Holiday catalog.”

—Jane Barnet
Special Projects, Galison Books, New York

Kagin’s 2019 ANA Auction
Book cover art • 9×12 color pencil
©Kagin’s Auctions

Kagin’s 2017 West Coast Auction
Book cover art • 9×12 pen and ink
©Kagin’s Auctions

The Fine Art of Hospitality
Book cover art • 11×14 watercolor
Discipleship Publications International

Life to the Full
Book cover art • 9×14 color pencil
Discipleship Publications International

The Dream Realized
CD cover art • 9×12 pencil on paper
©The King Center

Mississippi Magic
Editorial art • 10×8 ink and watercolor
©Victorian Homes magazine

The Jefferson Cutter House & Whittemore Park
12×9 pen and ink
Cyrus Dallin Art Museum

Cabin in the Woods
12×9 pen and ink
Private commission

Turkish Delight
Editorial art • 10×8 watercolor
©Victorian Homes Magazine

The Oregon Trail
Book cover art • 9×12 pen and ink
©The Folio Society

Einstein’s Dreams
Interior art • 8×10 pen and ink
©Random House

Holiday Card
Greeting card art • 10×8 ink and watercolor
©Little, Brown and Company

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
12×9 pen and ink
©Massachusetts Institute of Technology


The Battery
Interior art • pencil
©Harper Collins

The Alarm
9×12 pen and ink
Private commission

Beacon Hill
20×16 ink and watercolor
Private commission

book cover art • 10×8 pen and ink
©Little, Brown and Company

Baby Bella
9×12 pencil on paper
Private commission

Native Youth
10×10 scratchboard
Private commission

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“Thank you for all of your work on Seeking the Cave. We could not be happier… Your map illustration was a stunning addition to this book”

—Connor Lane
Editorial Assistant, Milkweed Editions