On March 18, 2023, The Cyrus Dallin Art Museum and The Old Schwamb Mill co-sponsored my talk—Women on United States Coinage, with a Women’s History Month celebration of the remarkable women that have appeared and will soon be honored on US currency.

From allegorical figures of Lady Liberty to the real life heroines Eleanor Roosevelt, Nina Otero-Warren, and Bessie Coleman, I discussed their stories and more, as well as my artistic contributions to The United States Mint’s coin programs that honor such inspiring American women. I also touched on influential women sculptors Elizabeth Jones, US Mint 11th Chief Engraver, and Laura Gardin Fraser among others who have created some of America’s finest numismatic art.

Arlington’s ACMi News covered the event which was a great success.

Here are some visual highlights. Click on any mage for Gallery View.

Copyright United States Mint. Used with permission.

Video before the Q&A.

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  1. I loved this video. Chris Costello is definitely the best of the best when it comes to graphic designer. He is so talented. I can’t wait to see one of his quarter designs in person!

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