The Colombian Mint Spanish and English language website

The Colombian Mint has been a leading refiner, assayer, and supplier of precious metals to Latin America and the world for over 100 years. As it expands into global markets, the mint will introduce new silver and gold bullion products bearing two of my original designs.

Drawings of silver and gold bar designs

In 2020, I was commissioned by the Colombian Mint to create designs for silver and gold bars that were emblematic of the rich history and culture of Colombia. After reviewing a robust portfolio of designs depicting indigenous themes, iconic landscapes, and native wildlife, the mint selected a South American Jaguar accented with Cattleya Trianae Orchids, the national flower of Colombia, for the reverse design. The obverse design is an adaptation of the company logo which features the Andean Condor in flight.

Original framed pencil drawings

These precious metals products will be beautifully sculpted, minted, and available for purchase in 2022. Visit the Colombian Mint for more information.

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