By Louis Golino, special to CoinWeek

The Coin Analyst: Coin Designer Chris Costello Documents History and Culture With Numismatic Art

Since he began working for the Mint, Chris has created 24 different designs for U.S. coins and medals and prepared drawings for more than 50-coin programs. His selected designs include several for the America the Beautiful quarter and 5-ounce silver coin program; the First Spouse gold coin (including the 2014 Eleanor Roosevelt design that was nominated for a Coin of the Year award and happens to be the single most popular coin of the series) and bronze medal program; and the commemorative coin program such as the 2019 American Legion Centennial $5 gold coin obverse and both sides of the 2017 Boys Town Centennial half dollar. Next year his design for the reverse of the Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site will appear on the final coin of the ATB series.

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