I visited Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas on September 5, for the United States Mint and National Park Service Launch Ceremony for the 2019 San Antonio Missions National Historic Park Quarter. As the designer of the coin, I participated in several news media appearances where I discussed the creative process and my experience with the US Mint’s Artistic Infusion Program.

Here is a clip from my interview with anchors Deborah Knapp and Bill Taylor of CBS KENS 5 who also chaired Thursday’s ceremony. Take a closer look… (3:56)

Even Papyrus gets a cameo mention.

The launch event was very well attended. It looked like around 700+ people and not just coin collectors. Descendants of the original missions communities were represented, along with schoolchildren, and a diverse mix of San Antonians and Texans of many cultures who were proud of what the coin means to them. This also made for a very long, but patient and friendly line at the autograph table. It was a sincere pleasure to meet everyone.


I will share a video of the full ceremony in a future post. Spoiler alert…Papyrus gets another nod.

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