“You rock, Chris. Excellent job,
the figures display a sense of dignity.”

—John Mercanti, Chief Engraver
United States Mint, Philadelphia


As a designer of coins and medals, I tell the story of America and its people through numismatic art. My skills in graphic design, illustration, and typography are exercised to create iconic designs for our national currency that is rich in historic, cultural, and social significance.


coins162018 America the Beautiful
Block Island National Wildlife Refuge Quarter
Sculpt by Phebe Hemphill • United States Mint


coin72016 National Park Service
100th Anniversary Commemorative Silver Dollar
Sculpt by Jim Licaretz • United States Mint


coin82016 Mark Twain
Commemorative Silver Dollar
Sculpt by Michael Gaudioso • United States Mint


coin32014 Native American $1 Coin
Native Hospitality and the Lewis and Clark Expedition
Sculpt by Joseph Menna • United States Mint


coin10Doolittle Tokyo Raiders
Congressional Gold Medal
Sculpt by Don Everhart • United States Mint


Images copyright United States Mint. Used with permission.