I used to think of myself as a generalist. My old portfolio website was like an over stuffed drawer filled with everything I ever did. I believed that showing people that I was able to do a lot of things well was a good thing. Not so much anymore… apparently, it’s confusing and too much to digest.

Today’s creative market demands specialists; those who are excellent at just one thing. Though I believe it’s narrow thinking if you can’t grasp that people can become excellent at many things, I understand that when it’s all about the budget, there is little room to take risks when hiring a creative… nobody wants to take the blame for hiring someone who is “not a good fit”.

So, I will play this game according to the rules. I am now a specialist… sort of.

With my new site, I narrowed the focus down to two areas of expertise… at least for this space. I’ll save the bass playing, photo restoration, typeface design, painting, sculpture, tae-kwon do, home improvement, and auto body repair for another time… there are so many things in life that capture my interest.

So, here I will make it easy… showcasing only Design & Illustration with a few other bite-sized accomplishments:

In a broad sense, I am a generalist who loves what he does and wants to be the best he can be at everything. In the context of work, I am a specialist who recognizes that executing specific tasks requires specific talents.

Contact me and let’s talk about how I can focus and deliver on your next creative design or illustration project.

More about “who I am now” to come.